APS Opens New Facility in Las Vegas, Nevada

Allison Payment Systems, a full-service communication solutions provider, has opened a new production facility located in Las Vegas, Nevada, expanding its Print, Mail and Electronic document delivery footprint. Volume production commenced on September 15, 2015. The new site further geographically diversifies Allison Payment Systems™ operation from the greater Indianapolis area where they have been headquartered since their founding 127 years ago. This westward movement is the result of an expanding client base, much of it in the western U.S. This expansion enables APS to deliver mail directly into the USPS for western distribution as well as further solidifies disaster recovery and business continuity programs.

The Las Vegas facility spans 16,000 square feet and is a fully integrated full color print, high speed insertion and data processing facility. This facility boasts the latest in high speed/high efficiency technology available within the industry allowing for high volume production and fast delivery turnaround. The facility is also monitored by the patented APS TrayTrak software and automated processing systems for complete job tracking and mail piece integrity assurance.

œThis new location and the opportunities it affords APS and its customers is an exciting new chapter in the long history of Allison Payment Systems. We are extremely pleased with the Las Vegas location and the Las Vegas area people who have joined the Allison team. This represents a long term goal of geographic expansion and enhanced west coast presence. œsaid Joseph Thomas, CEO of Allison Payment Systems.

If you have any questions, or would like additional information about Allison Payments Systems services or locations, visit apsllc.com or call 800-755-2440.

About Allison Payment Systems, LLC

Allison Payment Systems, LLC, a payment systems provider since 1888, embraces a culture of technological and operational innovation that not only provides state of the art print and mail and electronic delivery products, but also provides services and support products that improve overall customer service activity and significantly reduces costs in the billing and communication process. With a strong history of successful servicing to the Finance, Utility, Mortgage, Healthcare and Insurance markets, APS is uniquely qualified to support the efforts of our customer to optimize these segments of any operation

APS has developed and introduced innovations specifically for individual customers that have saved millions of dollars in billing, notification and processing costs, while improving the quality and effectiveness of their communications vehicles. Clients can expect in utilizing Allison Payment Systems as a communications partner to benefit from continued innovation and flexibility in operations with a commitment to optimize all aspects of the print, mail and information delivery process.