Enhancing the way you do business and the way your customers view your business is the goal when developing online services and connecting with your clients digitally. APS has been at the forefront of the digital era for almost 20 years while developing products to make life easier for our clients and, more importantly, their customers.

From online and mobile presentment, electronic delivery and full round-trip payment, APS can now control the entire transaction communication lifecycle online.

Understanding customer needs has been a hallmark of the APS business model and developing products with that in mind has generated enormous gains in productivity and customer satisfaction for our client partners.

Documents delivered

Enhancing the way you do business and the way your customers view your business is our goal

Production management

Production Management

Proprietarily developed tools and commercial software that APS has integrated into our processing system enables APS to track production files throughout the process.  Real time data enables APS to schedule production across our geographically diverse environment, measure SLA achievement and guarantee accurate and on-time delivery.

Post production management

Post Production Management

APS can enable a variety of tools to track mail through the USPS®, both outbound and inbound, manage mail deemed undeliverable and archiving of documents for client and customer retention and review.



Our NetPay product can provide a complete round trip solution for document delivery and payment. Payments can be submitted via checking or savings accounts, credit cards, debit cards and can be enabled for one-time payment or recurring payments.



APS retains at any given time roughly 2 billion images of documents submitted to the USPS® or digitally on-line on behalf of our clients, their customer service representatives and their customers to view or print.

Presentment tools

Presentment Tools

Customer service is a company’s front line when it comes to client contact. When questions arise with customer communications, customer service should have the right tools to deal with those inquiries. One such powerful tool is APS’s BillView. BillView gives our clients and their customer service personnel the ability to view precise images of a customer’s document while responding to a client inquiry.

In the same sense, APS’s WebHost service enables our client’s customers to view documents on-line in either a PDF format or a more interactive fashion with our mAPP product. Using this tool dramatically improves any call center client communication and helps to reduce the length of a customer call. As part of a suite of web-based tools, these tools are accessible through APS’s proprietary 24 CARAT customer care system. Our products are used online and may be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Mail Tracking

Collection calls and late letters are a necessary expense but one your organization would probably like to minimize. To know that a payment is “in the mail” to your lockbox would help to greatly decrease the number of instances a call is placed regarding late payments or a late letter to be dispatched.

Using information that can be placed on a remittance document or included in the Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB®), APS can send information to our client partners about documents that are bound for your payment processing center through scans from the Post Office™.

This information can be loaded into the customer’s auto-dialer database to suppress late calls and production of late notices through the print stream database. This technology produces hard dollar savings that go right to the bottom-line.

Return Mail Solutions

Many high volume mail clients – and smaller ones as well — receive a significant amount of returned mail that was determined to be undeliverable by the USPS® for a variety of reasons.  They have to expend significant resources to research why a mail piece was undeliverable and then more resources to affect changes to their client database to correct the delivery issues.  Statistics indicate that the typical mailing database contains from 3-5% of undeliverable addresses.  How best to automate and streamline the process of cleansing databases of flawed address data?  APS has the solution — Intelligent Return.  Using the electronic data generated by the USPS® regarding undeliverable mail, APS can identify the individual whose mail was undeliverable, provide the reason for non-delivery and provide that information back for action by the client.  At the same time, that mail piece will no longer be returned to the mailer, but rather securely shredded by the USPS®.  A clean, concise process that shortens the normal process by days and perhaps weeks.