The desired end state for next generation customer communications is clear. Companies need and want to provide the information and functionality customers want, how they want it, when they want it and on any given channel those customers may be using at the time.

Many organizations still have separate teams dedicated to creating communications for print, mobile, email and web–leading to operational inefficiency, high costs, inconsistency and increased risk. APS instead utilizes a centralized CCM infrastructure, which, delivers a better customer experience and a streamlined processes that increases efficiency.

Digital Print Composition

Companies need to provide the information and functionality customers want, when they want it and on any given device.

Color management

Color Management

APS has the experience, resources and understanding of the entire process to present your documents in a professional, high-quality and impactful manner to enhance the customer experience. Understanding the impact of differences between CMYK, RGB and other color scales is critical to controlling your branding across an omni-channel platform.

Change Management

Change Management

Change is inevitable in communication channels. Therefore, it is imperative that changes be completed accurately and just as importantly, implemented correctly. APS quality procedures dictate that all changes are implemented with full testing, approvals and documented controls prior to production.

Content Management

Content Management

Whether you want your organization to control content changes or you allow APS to manage those changes on your behalf, APS has the most powerful document composition tools available to manage both content management philosophies.

Omni Channel Designs

Omni-Channel Design

Our dynamic mobile solution lets you create customer-driven, interactive communications that will engage your customers throughout their entire journey. Save up to 80% of design, approval, and implementation time with a single design so flexible it adapts to every communication channel.

Message Flexibility

Explore New Design and Messaging Flexibility

With APS FlexDoc+, you have greater control of the messages and information you want to present to your customers. You can define the personnel responsible for making changes within the document composition tool, the approval process for releasing those changes into production and when those changes are released. You can also use the FlexDoc+ tool to create standard ad-hoc letters by controlling which individuals can send customer correspondence and appoint certain employees to have approval power.

APS understands that one-to-one customer interactions are labor-intensive and overwhelmed customer-facing users may not always adhere to branding and compliance rules. This is why our FlexDoc+ product lets the right users select the template and content, automatically populate communications with enterprise and customer data, automate approvals, and distribute the final piece to all required recipients. With this new tool, we simply provide the best technology available and give you the best chance to optimize your process to the standard your customers deserve.

Control Your Brand Message

You control the changes, you control the process…  FlexDoc+ offers our clients the ability to make changes to documents, manage messages and graphic content and control the release of those changes according to their requirements.  Changes can be made, approved and released for production in as little as a single day.