Enhancing the way you present information to your customers should be the primary goal when developing online services.

APS has been at the forefront of the digital era for over 20 years while developing products to make life easier for our customers and more importantly, their customers.

From online presentment, mobile presentment, electronic delivery and full round-trip payment, APS can now control the entire transnational communication life-cycle online.

Digital delivery solutions

APS can now control the entire transnational communication life-cycle online

Mobile presentment icon

Mobile Presentment

Ever tried viewing a PDF image on a smartphone?  Not pretty…  Utilizing APS’s mAPP service enables that same document to be presented in an interactive, “app” like manner with HTML5 technology to significantly enhance the customer experience on whichever device they choose to interact whether smartphone, tablet or PC.

PDF icon

PDF Presentment

While not as interactive as HTML5 technology, PDF presentment is still a standard means of document presentation on the web.  APS has years of experience providing this service and is uniquely qualified to facilitate the process of presenting images to your customers.

Email icon


APS offers complete design, delivery and tracking of email communications.  Whether you are communicating with your clients via notifications for action or sending out blasts to promote other services, APS has the solution to fit your requirements.

Customer portals icon

Customer Portal

The APS customer portal allows you to view samples, upload files, review invoices and many other tasks that require your attention. The portal puts them all in on secure location for your convenience.

Email Solutions

In this age of demand for instant access to information, the company with the most comprehensive and user-friendly platform solution wins the customer experience battle.  APS strives to provide that edge to our client partners and we continue to advance our solutions to fulfill that premise and offer our clients a full-service payment communication solution.

Now, APS Email Notification helps cut through the clutter of everyday mailings by enabling our clients’ electronic communications to stand out.

APS has the tools that allow you to send your customers e-mail notifications that include messages, special offers and important information based on the demographic information unique to that customer from the same data stream currently used for billing and other notifications. All of this information is fully customized to fit your business needs.

Mobile (HTML 5) Presentment

Customer experience is critical in the digital age in which we currently reside.  Creating interactive content that conforms to the device being utilized, whether smartphones, tablets or PCs, is the paramount objective from a customer experience perspective.  Our mobile solution opens the gateway to an enhanced user-friendly online experience that welcomes consumers using any device, anywhere.  Utilizing HTML5 data streams ensures that your message is reaching customers effectively on tablets and smartphones as well as the home PC. This dynamic content allows multiple campaigns to be used for each individual and can be utilized to pre-populate forms to ease application processes and cross-sell your other products and services!