Our mission is to provide superior, innovative solutions and services that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.

To achieve this level of excellence, an unfailing commitment to accuracy and the timely delivery is essential. Our personal and collective efforts are focused on these objectives.

Digital and print composition

Digital & Print Composition

For more than 30 years APS has been printing and mailing time sensitive documents employing state-of-the-art printing and inserting equipment in that process. APS ensures success by utilizing automated and custom built data processing solutions to insure faster production times, print quality, address integrity and achieving service level agreements are met consistently. Revenue cycles and expedient delivery of informational material is critical to all business operations.  Partnering with APS provides your operation with innovative print and mail services, production and delivery efficiencies and cost savings that you may not have realized possible. Processing, print and mail are a snap with the APS full service suite of print and mail technology.

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Digital delivery

Digital Delivery Services

As people – customers, consumers, prospects – use ever more digital channels and devices in their interactions with brands and organizations, there is an exponential competition for the attention for digital customer experience. Let APS’s digital expertise in presentment across all devices and platforms guide you towards the correct communications for your costumers. Our 18 years of experience in digital presentment have positioned us to be industry leaders and experts and we can furnish your organization with the means to capture your customer’s attention in the digital jungle.

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Client services

Ancillary Client Services

The largest expense in any mailing operation is postage. With that in mind APS has developed tools and processes to help minimize that spend in a significant and impactful fashion. As part of that effort APS has established a Business Relationship Agreement with the USPS®. This entitles APS to work as a Detached Mailing Unit (DMU) on behalf of the USPS®.  In addition, APS also operates under an “optional procedures” designation with the USPS, enabling our clients to gain flexibility in their mail piece configurations while still realizing significant postal savings.

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Business continuity

Business Continuity

As part of our core production environment, APS can provide overflow processing for in-house print and mail facilities to allow for a quick transition to APS in the event of a DR declaration, heavy volumes or critical equipment outages.  We understand how important it is for organizations to get vital documents and notices to customers and receive payment back.  We also understand circumstances can change rapidly and one major mishap or production spike can have a negative impact on a print facility for many days.  Outsourcing a portion of your work to APS allows for testing and setup to be done on a real-time basis and thus eliminating a time consuming and costly transition.

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