Allison Payment Systems, a data processor and outbound mail contractor based in Indianapolis, IN, has undertaken the necessary steps to meet the compliance standards associated with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) requirements for the Federal Information Security Act (FISMA).  Over the past 8 months the APS team has examined the compliance requirements, fully documented the proper processes and implemented the required elements necessary to meet the compliance standards threshold.

“APS is keenly aware of the need to keep confidential and absolutely secure the various types of data we process.  You simply cannot take security lightly and making sure we adhere to the NIST and FISMA guidelines further demonstrates our commitment to ensuring our client’s and their customer’s information remains private”, said Brad Turner, CIO at Allison Payment Systems.  He added, “The team has worked diligently to create an environment that is both flexible and secure, thereby allowing APS to service our customers while keeping their data protected.”

“As always, APS will continue to be on the leading edge of technology while ensuring that privacy and security are of paramount importance.  Along with our other extensive data and operational security measures, APS’ FISMA compliance allows our clients to be confident that their critical data as well as that of their customers is processed in the most secure environment available.” says JP Thomas, President and CEO at APS.

About Allison Payment Systems, LLC

Allison Payment Systems, LLC, is a full-service customer communication solutions provider specializing in digital transactional document presentment, print & mail services and a host of Electronic Document Delivery and Management (EDDM) tools.  During the course of our 125 year history, Allison Payment Systems has seen and initiated significant shifts in the marketplace to improve payment efficiency as well as the promotion of products and services more effectively. Evolving from a coupon payment booklet provider and manufacturer into a full service transactional data processor and mail supplier has given APS a wealth of knowledge unique in the industry.  That knowledge allows APS to provide superior levels of service and to bring a vast base of experience to bear on our client’s specific needs and circumstances.