APS WebStorAlways having the correct tools on hand can greatly reduce the length of a call to a call center.
APS WebStor is an on-line archival solution that allows up to one year's worth of statements and letters to be at your fingertips.
With numerous search options and sending functions WebStor fits ideally within any call center's day-to-day operation.

WebStor Solutions

  • Online solution enables long-term on-line viewing of statement; 90 days standard, 12 month optional;
  • CD ROM, DVD solutions to create a permanent archiving solution;
  • Search by client name or account number;
  • PDF format supports multiple sending options;
  • Replicates current statement image;
  • Long-term archive solution, stores images for months or years.
APS WebStor gives customers the ability to store their important client information in a safe and secure location while enabling access to it at a moment's notice.