To show our commitment to being a full service provider, APS can now provide overflow processing for in-house print and mail facilities to allow for quick change in the unforeseen event you need to outsource your critical customer communications.  We understand how important it is for organizations to get vital documents and notices to customers and receive payment back.  We also understand circumstances can change rapidly and one major mishap or production spike can have a negative impact on a print facility for many days.  Outsourcing a portion of your work to APS allows for testing and setup to be done on a real-time basis thus eliminating a time consuming and costly transition.

Without an alternative plan this could mean large amounts of lost revenue for your organization.  APS has the ability to link your data facility to any of our state of the art production facilities to become a redundant print and mail center.

Here is how it works:

  • APS will test your data files and material stock in order to meet our facility specifications
  • A data link can be established to assure that a quick response occurs in the event of a need to outsource overflow work
  • APS will accept a portion of your production work each day/month and produce that work just as if you were doing so
  • If a situation arises at your facility requiring APS to receive more or all of your production, we are notified by your contact personnel and the data files are sent directly to our facility for production
  • When the situation eases and your facility is back in full production, the data file is reverted back to your facility for processing 

The advantage of using APS:

  • Reassurance that in a crisis your mail is being printed by a quality provider
  • Two production facilities and multiple overflow facilities assure available capacity 
  • No monthly charge for overflow services.  Only pay for the percentage of work outsourced as you would today.