Corporate OVERVIEW


Allison Payment Systems, LLC, is a full service customer communication solutions provider specializing in digital transactional document presentment, print & mail services and a host of Electronic Document Delivery and Management (EDDM) tools.  During the course of our over 120 year history, Allison Payment Systems has seen and initiated quantum shifts in the marketplace to improve efficiency and promote products and services more effectively.  Evolving from a coupon payment booklets developer and manufacturer into a full service transactional data processor and mail provider has given APS a wealth of knowledge unique in the industry.  That knowledge allows APS to provide superior levels of service and to bring a vast base of experience to bear on your specific needs and circumstances.

The core services that have turned APS into a premier communications provider evolved from internally developed technology innovation, though we still produce standard coupon payment books.  All APS produced communications are processed by an automated processing system into digital formats, allowing for electronic deliveries, payments, storage and integration into customer service and mission critical business operations.

Industries Served

  • Consumer Financial
  • Utilities
  • Auto Finance
  • Mortgage
  • Healthcare
  • Government Services
  • Insurance
  • TeleCom
  • Educational Finance


  • ISO 9001:2008 Certification since 2002
  • FISMA Compliant
  • Annual SSAE 16 Audit
  • HIPAA & GLB Compliant
  • Quarterly Lean Manufacturing Analysis
  • Microsoft Certified Developers
  • PCI Compliant
  • Six Sigma Trained