APS 24 CaratDeveloped to provide our client partners with the most accurate information to monitor our processes and production. 
Our state-of-the-art reporting structure allows for on demand report building out of internal proprietary production tracking systems. 
The APS 24 CARAT system can track the production process from file receipt to digital presentment or mailing. 
This online interface allows you to review shipping dates for individual clients or produce a summary report for an entire file.  Additional reports in 24 CARAT help to track activity, security and various other activities.

Client Portal

APS Customer PortalThe APS Client Portal serves as a secure environment to pass diverse types of information, files and reports between APS and its client partners.
In order to provide best in class service to our client partners APS developed the portal as a means to send and receive samples and approvals in a timely manner. 
APS can upload sample files, inventory reports, postage usage reports and myriad other types of data to the customer portal for customer retrieval.