Production - ProductivityFrom data processing all the way through digital or postal delivery APS utilizes state-of-the art equipment and processes to produce your customer communications.
Whether your applications require high speed, high volume continuous form printing or more personalized cut-sheet printing that allows for more flexible personalized marketing, APS can accommodate your organization's needs.

All printers are equipped with highlight color capabilities that can be used to give your document that extra appeal and notice. 

APS employs high speed intelligent insertion equipment equipped with selective insertion capability that also ensures the integrity of the content in each envelope on a per piece basis. APS developed a proprietary process using cameras attached to our insertion equipment that reads each mail piece to make certain the correct information is in that envelope.

Finally, APS operates high speed postal sorting equipment to process mail in order to qualify for the best possible postage rates.  This full service production environment falls under the ISO 9001:2008 certified production process APS obtained and has held since 2002. The entire process is as automated as possible leaving little or no room for manual error.

The proprietary and patented APS TrayTrak system was designed to track all elements of production from file receipt to in the mail stream.