It is estimated that 18% of Americans move each year. The United States Postal Service® (USPS®) maintains a database of these address changes within their NCOALink® product.
This database consists of those address changes that have occurred within the last 18 months. As the USPS® strives to reduce costs and streamline their operations; it has mandated companies receiving postal discounts keep their customer files up-to-date regarding address changes. 
The Postal Service™ has mandated that this update occur at least every 95 days.  As a full service provider of print and mail services, APS offers you NetForward as the means to maintain your customer information database and stay in compliance with postal regulations.

How does NetForward Work?

  • Customer information is sent to APS for processing and mail piece production
  • APS compares input mail address data to the USPS® NCOALink® database
  • Addresses are updated at the time of printing and the outgoing mail piece has the new address printed in place of the one submitted in the production file
  • An updated file is provided back to the submitting company for upload to their database to maintain information integrity

NetForward Options

  • Service can be provided on individual production files
  • Service can be provided for an entire database on a periodic basis. Currently the Postal Service™ mandates updating every 95 days for First-Class presorted and automation rate mail
  • Updated information can be transmitted via electronic delivery

Benefits of NetForward

  • Mail pieces sent to customers avoid the change-of-address processing method in the Postal Service™
  • Documents are sent directly to the customer
  • Your customer receives information in timely fashion
  • Feedback to your company is received faster
  • Lowers database maintenance costs by reducing returned mail
  • Reduces or eliminates fees the Postal Service™ charges for post mailing address change services
  • Saves on postage by complying with USPS® standards for presorted mail
  • The NetForward software enhances postal reports and facilitates postal audits and compliances
APS is a non-exclusive Licensee of the USPS® (United States Postal Service®) to provide Limited Service NCOALink® processing. The following trademarks are owned by the United States Postal Service: NCOALink®, Postal Service, USPS and United States Postal Service.