APS NetPayAPS NetPay is a complete Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) system allowing APS customers to both present bills and receive payment via the Internet.

APS NetPay Features

  • Secure presentment of detailed bills over the Internet
  • Complete "round-trip" payment solution
  • Extensive audit and tracking capabilities
  • Complete re-creation of biller paper based billing (maintains biller "look and feel")
  • Enhanced marketing tools
  • Billing cost savings.

APS NetPay Advantages

  • Offers billers single data path for both paper and electronic bills processed through APS
  • Offers secure expedient and economic entry into Internet bill presentment
  • Offers faster funds availability and capture
  • Offers effective marketing opportunities

APS NetPay Benefits

  • One-time or enrollment payment capabilities
  • Complete client console control of payment activities and reporting
  • Eliminates third party payment services and the high fees associated with them
  • Allows you to control fees paid by customers (if any) and you receive all proceeds of such fees
If you would like more information regarding APS NetPay, please contact us