BillView... results you can seE.

APS BillViewCustomer service is a company's front line when it comes to client contact.

When questions arise with customer communications, customer service should have the right tools to deal with those inquiries.

One such powerful tool is APS's BillView, which gives our clients the ability to view precise images of a customer's document on-line with the click of a button.

Using this tool dramatically improves any call center client communication and helps to reduce the length of a customer call.

The Results

  • Archives customer bills for 90 days or longer;
  • Kept in secure password protected area;
  • Stored in PDF format for easy, prompt access;
  • Ability to print, email, fax or re-mail replica copies on demand.
As part of a suite of web-based tools, BillView is accessible through APS's proprietary 24 CARAT customer care system. BillView is used on-line and may be accessed from anywhere in the world. So, whether your call center is located in your main office or is in a remote location, BillView is an effective tool that can improve your business communications dramatically.

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WebHost... A one to one concept that shortens the payment cycle.

APS WebHostAPS offers a way to reach your customers through the mail, as well as through the internet. WebHost allows customers to view an image of their monthly statement and other documents on-line through your company website.

This tool is an Electronic Bill Presentment option that can take your business to the next level.

Imagine the possibility of your customers being able to sign-on and view all communication documents via the web instead of placing an expensive call to your call center to request a re-print.

The Vision you Achieve

  • Hot link between you and APS that will allow your customers to view an image of their statement via the internet;
  • Allows for remote printing;
  • Secured access to view statement on-line;
  • EBP provides unparalleled marketing opportunity.
APS WebHost includes an Electronic Bill Presentment (EBP) feature designed to give your customers the ability to view their statements when accessing your website.

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Document Dashboard

APS Document DashboardAn enhancement to APS Webhost, Document Dashboard allows you to have personalized your customer's when they are online viewing their documents. Add marketing campaigns that include analysis, video and inserts not available in an envelope.

By eliminating paper statements and other communications, it can be easy to lose touch with your customers. With APS Document Dashboard you can enhance the customer's experience by interacting through video, linking to online surveys or providing vital metrics that improve knowledge and customer satisfaction.

  • A secure and simple way to display document images and market to customers
  • Fully customizable based on customer demographic information found in the data stream provided to APS
  • Clicks are traceable back to individual customers
  • Don't lose one to one contact by moving to paperless environment
Utilizing APS Document Dashboard will increase the value of your marketing spend in an electronic environment by not only selectively marketing to customers on the statement but linking them to online campaigns not available in the envelope.

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