APS Email Notification

APS Email NotificationIn this age of demand for instant access to information, the company with the best technology solution wins. APS strives to provide that edge to our client partners and continues to evolve to fit that mold as a full-service payment communication provider.
Now, APS Email Notification helps cut through the clutter of everyday mailings by enabling our clients' electronic communications to stand out.
APS has the tools that allows you to send your customers e-mail notifications that include messages, special offers and important information based on the demographic information unique to that customer from the same data stream currently used for billing and other notifications. All of this information is fully customized to fit your business needs.

APS Will...

  • Develop your customized email template
  • Coordinate with your marketing campaigns
  • Track customer usage and provide results as a database

All you have to do is…

  • Utilize APS WebHost to allow your customer to view images of their documents
  • Provide your customer e-mail database
  • Analyze the results
With APS Email Marketing your company can quantify your marketing spend by enabling you to see real results. You can track who views the marketing material you put in the e-mail and know who is viewing their statement online.

APS Email Notification is an APS NetBill Suite product.