At APS, we strive to build long-lasting relationships with our client partners in order to develop mutually beneficial partnerships. We accomplish this by utilizing a proven transition plan, a dedicated key account team philosophy and a commitment to operational excellence throughout all areas of the organization.

Transitions can be difficult to manage without proven skill and experience throughout the process. APS employs a team of conversion analysts with over 40 years of experience in the industry. Having managed transitions involving thousands of applications for our client partners, APS has the flexibility and expertise to bring your conversion in on time, and most importantly, correctly.

A partnership is established based on commitment and strong relationships. To that end, APS provides each client with a dedicated Key Account Team. This account team consists of individuals from every critical function that impacts your day-to-day activity, as well as critical special projects. When you call APS, you aren’t waiting for the next available representative; you’re calling your specific account manager and dedicated representative.

Above all, APS is the partner that truly focuses on providing a full-service commitment to excellence on behalf of our clients.


Founded in 1888, Allison Payment Systems has been at the forefront of numerous technological advances within the transactional print industry. Our founder, Noah Allison, developed a unique coupon book product that facilitated discounts for upfront payments for services including ice and groceries in the late 19th century. Since then, APS has evolved into a full-service provider of transactional print, mail and digital delivery custom developed solutions.

For over 130 years, APS has embraced a culture of technological and operational innovation that not only provides state-of-the-art print and mail products but also provides services and support products that improve overall customer service activity and revenue cycle management. With a strong history of successful servicing to the finance, banking, mortgage, healthcare, utility, insurance and government markets, APS is uniquely qualified to support the efforts of our client partners to optimize these segments of their operations.

In 2018, APS was acquired by Doxim, a leading document solutions and customer engagement technology provider for organizations in regulated industries. This alliance creates many opportunities for the future of our company and our growth alongside our valued clients. Please read more about the acquisition in the official announcement.

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APS satisfies all our client’s needs under one umbrella of speed, flexibility, quality and security.  As one of the only ISO 9001:2008 certified customer communication solutions providers, APS is committed to providing timely information to our client partners, ensuring that communications to your customers are accurate and on-time.

In the same way, APS realizes that the data received from our clients is of the utmost importance and requires the highest level of security protection.  These critical files are encrypted and stored in password protected servers located in a secure limited access data center within the APS processing system.  Data at rest within APS processing systems is encrypted and secure and accessible only by authorized personnel.

APS operates under a multi-faceted quality control system.  First, APS is ISO 9001:2008 certified and we have retained that certification since 2002.  Every function performed in our facility is documented as to how the function is to be performed each and every time.  In addition, we utilize measurement and monitoring methodologies to quantify the effectiveness of those functions and their applicable work instructions.  Finally, we also utilize numerous lean manufacturing methodologies to ensure efficient movement of materials and product through the production facility and for each of the operations performed in the process.

Considering the number of industries served by APS, it is critical that data delivered for document processing be maintained according to recognized security standards. APS has taken extensive measures to achieve certifications for data security, including FISMA (highest level), HIPAA, SOC 2,  and IRS Publication 1075.

APS systems employ state-of-the-art security measures to protect critical client data. These systems are monitored by the latest software.

ISO Certification
HIPPA Compliant
FISMA Compliant
AICPA SOC 2 Certification

Why Allison Payment Systems?

On-time Accurate Performance

Due to the critical nature of the information APS presents on behalf of our client partners, APS recognizes the urgency and importance of delivering that information quickly, correctly and consistently.

Quality Excellence

Driven by our ISO 9001-2008 quality standards, APS is committed to distributing professional, high quality print, imaging, and mobile ready documents and data for our client partners.

Allison Payment Systems, LLC has been a partner and supplier to numerous “Fortune 500” firms for over 128 years.


APS has always endeavored to provide our client partners with flexible options and custom solutions designed to address their specific communication requirements. We pride ourselves on having the necessary resources to deliver solutions in a timely fashion and make adjustments quickly and seamlessly.

Vision & Innovation

For over 129 years APS has been at the forefront of industry altering innovations. From our invention of the coupon payment book to digital document delivery via the internet to mobile ready presentment to full color inkjet production, APS has driven change and improvements throughout the customer communication realm.

Certified Security

In the handling and processing of critical client data it is imperative that personal and private information be secured and protected from unauthorized, inappropriate and/or illegal access. APS undergoes numerous independent third party audits to ensure that APS data systems meet or exceed industry standards for data protection and are certified per nationally recognized criteria.

Business Continuity

In-house print facilities can benefit from utilizing APS as an overflow alternative that can enable instant transition to full volume production in the event of equipment downtime, power interruption or other catastrophic occurrence.

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